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Add an external list of keywords and products


Learn when to use an external list of keywords and how to do that. That is optional as the algorithm already extract keywords and products from Amazon


How can I use an external list of keywords?

The algorithm creates a very granular campaign structure that captures most of the relevant traffic. When computing an external list of keywords, you should keep in mind that every strategy has an automatic Ad Group and a list of broad keywords that might have a significant intersection with the external list. Our technology may have already captured some or most of the keywords in your list.

Is my keyword already “managed” by the algorithm?

Use the “Search Terms” report to verify if a keyword from the external list is managed by the M19 structure. From the left panel menu of the M19 board, go to “Insights > Search Terms”.

Type in the keyword you are planning to add in the ‘Search by query’ bar of the “Search Terms” report.

switch by query

Add external keywords

If you are sure that these keywords are not managed by the algorithm, or you have a strong business rationale to manage them separately, you can create a dedicated tactic. All keywords should be added as an exact match. It will automatically negate them from all the other campaigns in the strategy.

I receive keywords recommendations. What should I do with it?

PPC Logic already uses the keyword recommendations which are provided by Amazon Advertising.

These recommendations are automatically integrated into your campaigns. If a keyword does not appear as exact in our campaigns, this is either because there is not enough traffic on this keyword to make it relevant for granular management, or because its traffic is already captured by another keyword included in our campaigns.

Please note that if a keyword is not used as exact, it means that related search terms are managed by the Auto and broad campaigns, which already capture this traffic.