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Common questions before onboarding

What is the AI doing for my PPC?

The AI is handling keywords extraction and optimization, campaigns creation, and bid optimization for every single keyword and ASIN

Will PPC Logic manage my existing campaigns?

No, PPC Logic will create new campaigns but will use all the data from existing and past campaigns.

Do I need to input my keywords?

No, it is not mandatory. The tool is doing the keyword extraction and will be using your past data.

How long does it take for the AI to optimize my account?

This depends on the size and the spending to be managed, you should expect 4 weeks on average. The algorithm learns from your historical campaigns. An ideal scenario is when you created one campaign per product or a single campaign with one Ad Group per product.

The PPC Logic AI will learn faster with ASINs driving a significant number of conversions. Basically, the more conversion, the faster the learning process.

How much improvement should I expect?

This is hard to tell. It depends on the level of optimization of existing campaigns and on the strategies that will be created in PPC Logic. On average, you can expect +25% to 50% profitability.

Is there a minimum of spend for the AI to perform?

Yes, we recommend at least $ 1.000 in ad spend per month.

How long does it take to activate PPC Logic on my account?

From the PPC Logic registration to having PPC Logic campaigns running in the advertising console, it takes 2 hours.

How does algorithm work?

Your campaigns are optimized on a daily basis, meaning that the technology selects and updates keywords and computes bids for you, every day. For further understanding, you can study our strategy and tactics structures.

Will the PPC Logic team help me put in place the right strategies in PPC Logic?

The PPC Logic onboarding process includes a setup call where we help translate your needs into PPC Logic strategies. You will be designing your strategy and PPC Logic will provide the perfect tool to put in place and operate it.

Is PPC Logic offering a managed service?

Yes, please check the main page of our website for more details about our Managed Service

Which formats can be managed by PPC Logic?

Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand (brand store, product landing page, and videos), and Sponsored Display. DSP can’t be optimized yet by PPC Logic.

Does PPC Logic take my past data into account?

Yes, it does on one condition: One ad group in your campaigns contains only child ASIN under the same parent ASIN ( if ASIN doesn’t have parent ASIN, it should be alone in the ad group).

If the rule isn’t followed, we won’t be able to re-match the search terms to the right parent ASIN and learn from it. We might lose data

Does PPC Logic help in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) advertising?

Yes, we support KDP advertising.

Which countries can be managed by PPC Logic?


How much does PPC Logic cost?

The cost is broken down into a fixed subscription fee, and a variable one depending on your advertising spend. For more information, visit our pricing page.

How can I stop my subscription?

Just send us an email at least 1 day before the anniversary of your subscription 🙂

What will happen to the PPC Logic generated campaigns when I unsubscribe?

The tool will stop optimizing the bids per day and the bids will set to be at very low values. Also, the tool will erase all the data generated by the algorithm.

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