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Custom campaign name structure


One should not change the name of any campaign the algorithm created on Amazon. If you want to set a custom campaign name, ask our support team to guide you!

By default, the algorithm creates campaigns with a specific structure for its name. Here is the structure:

Type of the strategy – – Strategy Name – Tactic name if any – targeting – ppclogic – campaign Id

One can define another campaign name structure in order to match internal policies (for analysing the data in another Business Intelligence tool for instance).

To do so, one needs to ask the support to activate the feature and set the custom name in Settings -> Accounts & groups. The structure is associated with the marketplace!

Click on the suspension points under the column Actions -> Update Custom Campaign Name

Then, activate it and write any campaign name pattern you want!

Below one can find campaigns token. For instance, if you click on %STRATEGY_NAME%, the campaign name will contain the strategy name.

A specific token lets you set different structures for each strategy, that is the %STRATEGY_LABEL%. If you set it in the campaign name pattern, you will find another advanced setting in your strategies. You will find the strategy label. It will be used in the campaign name.