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Data discrepancies between Seller Central and the board


The algorithm imports Amazon’s reports on a daily basis and displays the data with accuracy. Amazon updates its reports every day and can change previous reports, which is why the algorithm updates its previously-loaded reports.

Discrepancies are spotted and resolved within a few days. If you see a huge difference (more than 5 %) that persists after a few days, let us know.

Why are there some data discrepancies?

The algorithm fetches data from Amazon daily and refreshes the past data based on their collection date. The older data is being refreshed less frequently. If a return is deducted from the sales long after the item has been sold, it may take several days before the algorithm refreshes the data and captures the updated sales figures for that past date.

How to fix it?

You can force the synchronisation between Amazon and the board.

Go to the “Settings” section, at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on “Groups and Accounts”

Click on the “cloud” icon with the arrow down.

It may be necessary to do it several times during the next few days, depending on the date of the gap.

The discrepancies persist and/or the gap is big

If the discrepancies persist after a few days or the gap is bigger than 5 %, write us a ticket with the following information, please:

  • The time period
  • The account
  • The marketplace
  • The ASIN(s)
  • Screenshots of the board where we can see the discrepancy
  • Screenshots of the advertising console where we can see the discrepancy

The best is to give us a very specific example of a given ASIN that sales on the board do not match the sales on the advertising console for a given day.