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Max bid security


The algorithm has a maximum bid it does not overreach by default to avoid crazy spending. You can change it

The algorithm predicts the best bids according to your strategies. The bids are limited by a security in order not to overbid. You can change the security yourself from the Settings in the column ACTION.

Here is the limit according to your marketplace.

The max bid is doubled for sponsored brand strategies and doubled for phrase matching

Marketplace Max bid
Other marketplaces 2,5
AU 4
EG, TR, AE 10
SE 25
MX 50
IN 200
JP 250

For instance, if you create a sponsored brand strategy in Egypt and set a tactic with phrase and exact targeting, the max bid will be:

  • 40 £ for the phrase keywords
  • 20 £ for the exact keywords

Another example, if you create a sponsored product strategy in France and set a tactic with phrase, exact and product targeting , the max bid will be:

  • 5 € for the phrase keywords
  • 2,5 € for the exact keywords
  • 2,5 € for the product targeting

If you can not, write us a ticket and we will allow you.

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