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Period comparison


Period comparison helps you to analyze the evolution of a metric for a given period of time. It compare the select date range to a previous symmetrical period.

When activated, the period comparison displays how your metrics evolved in 2 different ways :

  1. In the metric: the evolution in percentage between the current date range and the previous period
  2. On the graphic: a lighter curve representing the previous period

The feature is available up to a 2 months date range.

For example, if you select a 14 days date range from 2021/10/22 to 2021/11/04, it will compare its metrics to a 14 days date range from 2021/10/08 to 2021/10/21

It is available when you click on the date picker

The time range is up to 62 days

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.04.17