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Product group


A product group is a list of ASINs used for breaking down your catalog in different sub sets

Product groups are used for strategy setup and analysis.

Before creating your product group, make sure that the catalog has been filled in

How to create a product group

Each strategy is linked to a product group and advertises its ASINs only!

You can either create a product group while creating a strategy or create the product group before creating the strategy. Here we will cover how to create a product group before creating a strategy only.

Go to Strategies > Product Groups and click on “ Create a new Product Group ”.

Give a name to your Product Group and hit “ Next ”.

Drop a list of ASINs in the box under your  Product Group name and hit “ Add ”.

You are done!

Product group for analysis

If you are interested to know what is the performance of a range of items over time, you can create a Product Group with these items and use it in the Dashboard to check Sales, ACOS, and other KPIs.

When you create a product group for reporting only, you can add any product you want. It does not impact your advertising management as long as you do not put the product group in a strategy.