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Sales and advertising


Product sales and advertising analysis tells you how your products perform through organic and sponsored sales !

The algorithm imports data from Amazon’s report in order to display them in the Sales and advertising section.

What you can do

  • Compare your product within a product group
  • Compare up to 2 metrics at the same time
  • Filter products by product group
  • Aggregate by dates (days, weeks, months)
  • Compare data to the previous period
  • Filter the table below by ASINs or titles
  • Analyze your product metrics
  • Check a product’s strategies


How to check the ACOS of my products?

Checking this information is really useful when you are creating a strategy. It gives you an idea of what the ACOS target could be for this strategy.

Go to Product Sales and advertising, select the Product Group you want to check from the ” Product Group ” drop-down menu. If you don’t find the group of products you were looking for, you can create it.

Select the last 30 days in the date picker, or select a wider date range. Click on “ACOS” on the board. You can see the daily value of this KPI on the chart.

Our recommendations

  1. If you have no product group: Compare how your products perform and create product groups of similar products based on their performance. For example, if you have a few products that are similar in terms of margin and ACOS, you can wrap them in a product group
  2. If you already have product groups: Compare how products perform within each product group in order to ensure they belong to the same product group