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Split my traffic into segments


You should create segments for branded, competitive and generic traffic.

We recommend that you create segments to break down your traffic into 3 sources of traffic: brandedcompetition, and generic.

  • Branded traffic occurs when consumers know your brand
    • Add the keywords linked to your brand and your own ASINs
  • Competition traffic occurs when customers know your competitor’s brand
    • Add the keywords linked to your competitors and their ASINs
  • Generic traffic occurs when consumers are searching for keywords that apply to the market.
    • Add the keywords that are linked to your products but not linked to your brand.

Beware to put keywords and ASINs in only one segment at a time.


Let’s say you sell toothpaste through the brand GoldTeeth and your main competitor is SilverDent.

Branded traffic occurs when consumers :

  • Search for “GoldTeeth”.
  • Browse your product pages.

The segment branded contains the keyword ‘GoldTeeth’ as phrase matching.

Competition traffic occurs when consumers :

  • Searching “SilverDent”.
  • Browse your competitor’s product pages

The segment competitor contains the keyword ‘SilverDent’ as phrase matching.

Generic traffic occurs when consumers :

  • Browse for “toothpaste”.


The segment generic contains the keyword ‘toothpaste’ as phrase matching.

You can be more granular on the competition traffic by creating a segment per competitor

If you want to have control over what strategy targets these segments, here is how to control your traffic