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Sponsored brand strategy


Sponsored brand strategies reach customers and drive product awareness. When shoppers click on your brand logo, they go to your store or a customer landing page. When they click on a product, they go to the product page

Sponsored brand strategies are a type of strategy the algorithm optimises. You can create standard sponsored brand strategies or sponsored brand video strategies!

Sponsored brand strategies are a type of strategy the algorithm optimises. You can create standard sponsored brand strategies or sponsored brand video strategies!

Before creating your first sponsored product strategy, read our recommendations for a successful start!

The algorithm creates at least 2 campaigns per sponsored brand strategy. If you have chosen ” ACOS optimization “, the algorithm starts optimising the bids. Otherwise, if you have chosen the force product visibility, it will not until you switch to ” ACOS optimization ”

Within a strategy, you can create 2 types of tactics (targeting and blacklist) and link them to segments. Each tactic creates up to 3 campaigns.

You can add a target daily budget or a min daily spend in order to control your spending and budget.

You can compare metrics through the stats section and check all the modifications made to the strategy through the activity section

If you have any questions, check out the common questions below!

It optimises your ACOS or forces the visibility of your products.
Sponsored Brands reach customers when they’re looking for what to buy, helping to drive product awareness. When Amazon shoppers click on your brand logo, they’re taken to a Store or a custom landing page. When they click on a product in the ad, they’re taken to the product page.
Beware of refused campaigns! For more details, check our help center.
Our recommendation
  • For product launch: You can create a force product visibility strategy and switch it to ACOS optimised strategy once the algorithm has enough data. You will get a warning when it is the case
  • Pause or archive your historical campaigns the day after you created your m19 strategies. If you do not, the algorithm will encounter difficulties optimising your strategies. It only concerned campaigns on ASINs that are included in your m19 strategies


How to create a standard Sponsored Brand strategy


  1. Give a name to your strategy
  2. Chose an algorithm type
    1. For ACOS optimization: Set your ACOS target
    2. For force product visibility: Set a suggested bid and budget
  3. Select a brand
  4. Chose an ad format
    1. For sponsored brand Video
      1. Chose Video in ad format
      2. Select a video and the campaign name that contains the video to display!
      3. Here are the specifications you need to consider while creating videos for SB campaigns
    2. For Product collection
      1. Chose Product collection in ad format
      2. Chose a landing page
      3. If you choose your Amazon store, select the page of the store to redirect the customer to
      4. Select your logo
      5. Type in your Brand Name and Headline
  5. Your strategy is created but it lacks products. You need to select products

Select the products you want to see displayed in your Sponsored Brand ad by creating at least one Cluster. Just drag and drop the products to the New Cluster. You can create several Product Clusters with different products. You will create a Sponsored Brand ad for each Cluster, with the same logo, the same brand name, and the same headline. Only the products displayed in the ad will be different.



Common questions


I can not find my other brand in the strategy creation

On the Amazon advertising console, it’s possible to advertise Sponsored brand store from other accounts BUT on the API this is not possible due to this its structure constraint: each brand is partitioned to a single account

Which video will be displayed in my ad line video

When you are creating a video ad line in one of your SB strategies, in the dropdown selection, you find a list that may mean nothing to you.

This displayed list is actually the name of your SB video campaign not created in your advertising console.

To make sure you are choosing the right video you have in mind, you can follow this step :

  • check the video inside your own SB video campaign ( go inside the campaign > creative)
  • Once you have found the video you were looking for keeping the campaign name in mind
  • Go back on the board and choose the campaign’s name in the dropdown


How to upload a video?

he video upload technology relies on the existing campaigns in your Amazon Advertising Console. Based on the campaign name chosen in the video ad line, the algorithm will extract the video from the campaign and assign it to our ad line campaign.

If you want to use a new video that you did not use in any of your existing campaigns :

  1. Create a Sponsored Brand Video campaign directly in the Amazon Advertising Console and pause it after creation,
  2. Wait the next day (while the algorithm upload script runs),
  3. Next day: you’ll find your campaign name in the drop-down menu of the video strategy creation wizard.

This workaround is a limitation of the Amazon Advertising API, which only allows using video assets from existing campaigns.

Why my campaign is refused by Amazon?

SB campaigns are manually reviewed by amazon and their approval may change depending on the reviewer. The algorithm can not spot the reason.

When a SB campaign is rejected, the algorithm automatically pushes the same SB campaign back until the approval is achieved

What happens when two ad lines target the same keyword?

The algorithm will be pushing all the Ad Lines and the best-performing ones will get most of the advertising spend. This way, you can run several combinations of headlines and be assured that you are spending according to the actual performance of each of them.