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A strategy is a group of products (ASINs) to be advertised, associated with an ACOS target (Advertising Cost of Sales).

The algorithm creates at least 1 campaign per strategy you create and then starts optimising the bids within these campaigns for the product group have chosen.

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Avoid overlapping Product Groups when setting up strategies!

Rule of thumbEach product advertised should be in only 1 strategy of the same type at a time.

You can create different types of strategy :

  1. Sponsored product strategy (for sellers and vendors)
  2. Sponsored brand strategy (for sellers and vendors)
  3. Sponsored display strategy (for sellers only)

Each strategy has up to 2 modes :

  1. ACOS Target optimization available for all strategies
  2. Force product visibility available only for a sponsored products and sponsored brand strategies


Before creating any strategy, read our recommendations for a successful start!

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How to pause a strategy?

When you hover over a strategy, a pause sign lets you pause the strategy. Any change is sent to Amazon one day afterward.

If you want to stop campaigns immediately for a given strategy S1, please follow these steps :

  • Pause the strategy S1 on the board (same as above)
  • Pause all the campaigns related to this strategy in your Seller Central or Vendor Central account.

If you only want to stop advertising on a given ASIN B00XXXX from a strategy S2, please follow these steps :

  • Remove the ASIN B00XXXX from the product group of the strategy S2 on the board
  • Pause all the AdGroups named after B00XXXX inside all the campaigns of S2 in your Seller Central or Vendor Central account.


Common questions

How to find an ASIN that is in none strategy?

The strategy All products stores all ASINs that are not in a product group that is in a strategy.

Whenever one deletes all strategies that hold a specific ASIN, this ASIN goes to the strategy All products.

Be careful, ASINs in paused strategy do not go to All products.