PPC LOGIC is the winning combination of advanced AI technology and human expertise.

Specifically, combining AI Technology + Human Expertise gives us the power to:
  • Compute in real-time a feedback loop that adjusts each bid to your advertising performance goals (your ACoS target).
  • Automatically dial-up advertising efforts on prioritized products, giving us the insight to buy ad placements near competitive products, fueling growth and expansion.
  • Rapidly oversee your entire advertising universe, selecting and adjusting keywords and campaign structures in near real-time to stay ahead of changing conditions.
No matter your aims, we work with you to align our efforts to your needs.
  • AI Technology + Human Guided Experience
  • Regular consultation with our in-house experts, who then manage your Amazon ads on your behalf to achieve your objectives.
  • You’re then free to focus on the bigger picture, running your Amazon business while we become part of your team.
And when it comes to pricing, we’re also different. We’re on your side.

Not that other services aren’t on your side, but other services base their fees on things like advertising spend — meaning that in order to raise their rates they need you to spend more on your advertising.

PPC Logic takes a different approach.

We consider this a partnership as much as a service, and so we’ve structured our pricing so we only do well when you do well.

Our monthly fees are based upon a flat monthly fee calculated from the average of your most recent 3 months of revenue.

Our pricing model is built to allow you to scale when and if it makes sense, adjusting our pricing based off of your sales volume with seasonality and ranking efforts.

In short, our goal is never at odds or in conflict with yours. We’re always working with you to get more revenue, not just spend more advertising dollars.

PPC Logic Recap

To summarize:

  • We create and manage your Amazon ad campaigns.
  • We turn your PPC on Amazon into an advanced, strategic ranking weapon without bleeding your profits or demanding your time.
  • Our advanced AI algorithms explore all possible ASIN/search query pairs of your product’s landscape, checked and monitored by us.
  • Using machine learning we’re able to predict and execute appropriate conversion for each ASIN/keyword pair daily.
  • We constantly analyze against the competition in order to adapt each ASIN/query’s bid, daily, to exceed the performance of the products you’re competing against.
  • As the learning process matures, we’re able to implement unique tactics and adjust aggression levels for each ASIN.